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Healthforce Minnesota

Mental Health Curriculum

In 2013, the Minnesota Legislature asked for a state mental health workforce development plan to be created that would:

  • Increase the number of mental health workers at all levels,
  • Ensure appropriate education and training and
  • Create a more culturally diverse mental health workforce.

One project rising out of the State Plan is an updated Mental Health Curriculum that provides educators at every level (from high-school and college/university to workplace and employment training center) the resources needed to guide and educate students interested in mental health careers.

It includes new training for certified peer specialists where individuals who have a lived experience of mental illness work as direct service mental health staff.


Explore Mental Health Careers Pamphlet
Mental Health Career Ladder Info Sheet
Certified Peer Support Specialist (I & II) Info Sheet
Mental Health Behavioral Aide Info Sheet
Specialty Mental Health Classes