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Healthforce Minnesota

Nursing Assistant Skill Videos

Units 1, 2, and 3: No skills

Unit 4: Safe and Clean Environment Videos

Skill 1 Handwashing
Skill 2 Resident Unit Order
Skill 3 Unoccupied Bed Making
Skill 4 Transfer Belt
Skill 5A: Clear an Obstructed Airway of a Conscious Resident
              Resident Remains Conscious
Skill 5B: Clear an Obstructed Airway of a Conscious Resident
              Resident becomes Unconscious
Skill 6 Gown, Glove, and Bag Linen

Unit 5: Vital Signs and Oxygen Safety

Skill 7 Temperature/Non-Mercury Thermometer
Skill 8 Temperature/Electronic Temperature
Skill 9 Pulse and Respiration
Skill 10 Blood Pressure Manual
Skill 11 Blood Pressure Electronic
Skill 12 Weight Measurement
Skill 13 Height Measurement
Skill 14 Height/Resident Unable to Stand
Skill 15 Oxygen Tubing Safety

Unit 6: Personal Cares

Skill 16 Bed Bath
Skill 17 Partial Bath
Skill 18 Tub Bath or Shower
Skill 19 Perineal Care
Skill 20 Back Care (Back Rub)
Skill 21 Mouth Care
Skill 22 Mouth Care for Unconscious Resident
Skill 23 Denture Care
Skill 24 Fingernail Care
Skill 25 Foot Care
Skill 26 Hair Care
Skill 27 Bed Shampoo
Skill 28 Shave with Electric Razor
Skill 29 Eyeglasses Care
Skill 30 Hearing Aid Placement
Skill 31 Dress the Resident
Skill 32 Occupied Bed Making
Skill 33 Support Stocking Application

Unit 7: Activities and Exercise

Skill 34 Ambulate
Skill 35 Walk with a Cane
Skill 36 Walk with a Walker
Skill 37 Wheelchair Transfer
Skill 38 Wheelchair Transport
Skill 39 Wheelchair Transfer (2 persons)
Skill 40 Mechanical Lift
Skill 41 Supine Position 
Skill 42 Side-Lying Position Placement
Skill 43 Move up in Bed
Skill 44 Move up in Bed Using Lift Sheet
Skill 45 Passive Range of Motion of the Shoulder and Elbow
Skill 46 Passive Range of Motion of the Hip, Knee, and Ankle

Unit 8: Food and Fluids

Skill 47 Feed a Resident
Skill 48 Measure Intake
Skill 49 Gastrostomy Tubing Safety
Skill 50 Intravenous Tubing Safety

Unit 9: Elimination

Skill 51 Measure Output
Skill 52 Bathroom/Commode Assistance
Skill 53 Bedpan
Skill 54 Urinal
Skill 55 Indwelling Catheter Care
Skill 56 Perineal Care/ Incontinent Resident
Skill 57 Empty Urine Drainage Bag
Skill 58 Indwelling Catheter Tubing Safety

Unit 10: Caring for Residents with Special Needs

Skill 59 Demonstrate body language that communicates a listening approach
Skill 60 Manage and decrease aggressive or agitated behavior of the resident