HealthForce Minnesota


Started in 2008, Scrubs Camp provides a unique opportunity for middle school and high school students to explore careers in the health sciences.  A collaborative project between HealthForce Minnesota, educational institutions, and healthcare employers, Scrubs Camps are offered throughout the summer at multiple locations.  Campers will experience a variety of interactive hands-on activities and special field trips to get them excited about careers in the health sciences. Sessions are led by healthcare professionals and/or faculty from several area colleges and universities.

“We never know what session is going to impact which camper but, inevitably, there is that one moment when you see that light bulb go on and you know you’ve made a difference. It might be the adrenaline rush of delivering a baby in the SimBus or the tenderness that comes through when giving an elderly resident a hand massage. Or maybe it’s the empathy that comes from touring the Children’s Hospital or the appreciation of cultural differences that happens through team building. All we know is that it happens – all the time – at Scrubs Camp.”  Valerie DeFor, Executive Director HFM