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Adult Scrubs Camps - none scheduled for 2014

Adult Scrubs Camps have been held across the state. Students:

  • Participated in hands-on healthcare activities
  • Learned about health-related careers
Camps Dates Brochures
Adult Scrubs Camp 2011 Adult Scrubs Camp 2011
May 24 - 26, 2011

Adult Scrubs Camp 2011 Adult Scrubs Camp 2011
Sept. 26 - 29, 2011


Never Too Old for Camp

Adult Scrubs Camp is “a chance for anyone 18 years or older to roll up their sleeves and experience different health occupations,” said Jamie Groth, Business Solutions Coordinator for Winona State University (WSU). Adults attending the first Adult Scrubs Camp came away with a renewed enthusiasm for their careers and insight into the options and opportunities available in the field. Coming at a time when many people are rethinking their careers, the free camp hosted 89 participants with a long wait list.

Most of the camp’s participants were unemployed and displaced workers with the predominant age group between 35 and 45. Students quickly learned that career options within healthcare go well beyond being doctors and nurses. “The three-day camp offered an immersion experience where participants networked with professionals and did actual skills-practice simulation in many fields,” Groth explained. “Dentistry, medical records, alternative healing, nursing, pharmacy and clinical laboratory sciences were some of the workshops offered.

“The hands-on and simulation sessions were popular. Participants took vitals and provided other care to some very advanced, high-tech simulated adults and infants.”

Students also attended general career change and readiness sessions and received information about the many healthcare career resources available to them through educational institutions and workforce development agencies.

“There are going to be lots and lots of vacant seats (in the healthcare industry) and this is a great time for people to return to school and begin learning a new career,” said Jane Foote, executive director for Healthforce Minnesota.

Comments from participants were very favorable and illustrated the ongoing need for such assistance. Several participants commented on how the camp made going back to school approachable for them while showing people that healthcare should be thought of as a very broad field that can use people with many career desires and skills.

Following are just two of the post-camp written comments:

“I attended to support my husband who has lost his job. It was very enlightening to see how excited the presenters were to be teaching. I learned my LPN (career) is not a dead-end, but a door opener to another career. I wanted to go back to school, but have been afraid I didn't know how to do it. Now I have ideas thanks to this camp.”

“I learned what I do not want to do as well as what I do want to do. This was a valuable program for someone like me: 55 years old and questioning my future in the healthcare industry.”

Adult Scrubs Camp was held on the WSU-Rochester campus. WSU Outreach and Continuing Education partnered with HealthForce Minnesota, Rochester Community and Technical College (RCTC) and Workforce Development Inc. (WDI) to put American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funds to use for healthcare career exploration. WDI granted the federal funds to the project and sent referrals, RCTC helped to host the camp, HealthForce Minnesota assembled the presenters and curriculum, and WSU handled registrations and marketing.

Any partners interested in participating in future Adult Scrub Camps should contact HealthForce Minnesota. Consider offering assistance by presenting new topics about more healthcare fields.

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